Lee and I work with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bella's Friends...

Around Bella's first birthday (September 09), I started freaking out a little. I thought to myself, "Bella doesn't have friends." I know that she was only turning 1, but I felt like the most awful mom because she was going to grow up not knowing how to socialize with other kids her age.

I was at the cafe at the end of a Free Meal with a Message (which happens every Wednesday from 12:00-12:45 pm during the semester), and I expressed this fearful thought to some students. I said, "Bella doesn't have any friends her age." Tyren was quick with his genuine response, "I know, all of her friends are college students!" This is so true. Bella has a large group of friends who just happen to be college-aged. They absolutely adore her, and she loves them in return.

This weekend has been our Leadership Advance. Bella and I went to visit, and everyone has been so excited to see her. At the same place, there was a family reunion happening . There was the cutest little 4 year old girl who played with Bella...and Bella knew how to play with her. Bella is actually really sweet with other kids. It's like she's fascinated with them because she's so used to being around college students. She's always wanting to hug little kids - something that she's not too fond of with big people. But she knows how to play with kids around her age. The only thing about babies is that she gets frustrated that they don't give her a high five when she asks.

God has blessed us with a precious little girl who has unprecedented potential to change the world. At her age, she knows more people from different countries and ethnic groups than most people will know in their whole life time. Color will not be an issue to her. Socioeconomic status won't be an issue to her. If we teach her to love and accept people like Jesus does, nothing will stop her from making a new friend.


  1. She always has a friend...her Nan Syl, who on occasion even acts her age ;) She's going to be just fine! I didn't have friends my age, I mean you and Amy were soooo much older then me and Shannon, Rachel and Jenny were all younger...and look I turned out ok (well...maybe you should try to find her some friends her age) HAHAHA!!!

  2. Haha, that's awesome. Yeah, she was definitely fascinated with the kids at the pool. I think she would have climbed right over that gate had I let her! She kept saying, "ba-bie, ba-bie." She was starting to sound like Justin Bieber, lol.