Lee and I work with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Thankful Thursday

It was a great week at District Council. Great, but very bittersweet. Lee's parents have been a part of making District Council happen for the past 23 years. This year they have accepted a new job working with college students in Texas, so they are no longer living in Louisiana. That's where the bittersweet part comes in.

On Monday night there was a reception to celebrate their 23 years of service. It was beautifully decorated, and they were able to see a lot of the friends they have made over the years. Lee and I were both able to share a little bit of how much they meant to us...both as parents and as spiritual leaders. They both have been the primary mentors for us as ministers.

This was the end of an era. It was hard having the change. Even for Bella...she didn't quite understand why her Nana and PopPop were not at the campground at the same time she was.

Lee and I have learned so much about being ministers and doing ministry as a family from both of our parents. We are blessed to have the parents who love us and support us. I am very thankful for that today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heading Out

We're getting ready to go to the Louisiana District Council. It's going to be a great time. There will be meetings and services for the Louisiana Assemblies of God pastors from around the state. But, there will also be a Chi Alpha luncheon...where we'll get to present what is happening in Chi Alpha around the state as well. It's encouraging to hear how our other Chi Alpha groups are growing as they minister on their campuses.

We are really blessed in Louisiana. We have great Chi Alpha leaders and groups that are making a difference on their campuses. It's not just here at UL...it's everywhere!!

The luncheon will be a lot of fun...it's a great presentation that I know everyone will love!! We are looking forward to it!! Hopefully I'll get some good pictures to put on here soon...as well as some good stories about how Chi Alpha is changing Louisiana and the world!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

For our support team members, you may not have a clue what is going on at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. You don't know what your financial sacrifices and prayers are doing.

So, here's a thank you to Lee that wouldn't have happened without you.

It's from Ben. He's a sophomore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He's studying Computer Science...he's really good at math!
He's a part of the Men's Leadership at UL Chi Alpha, which means that he leads a small group Bible study in his dorm. This is what he had to say:

Lee, I appreciate you for being a clear example of Christ for me when He may not be so clear for me sometimes. Just by living your life you challenge me to dig even deeper into my faith and express it to others who may not know him. Thank you SO much for being a genuine friend in my life when I needed it the most, in my transition to college, Soli Deo Gloria!
-Ben N.

As you can see, your prayers and finances are helping us make a difference in the lives of the students of UL. Ben is changing the world. You are helping us help him do that. Thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our support team, just let me know!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Introductions Please

I finally figured it out. It's a two fold thing. Every time we go somewhere, Bella introduces herself by saying, "This is Bella (as she points to herself), and this is Brennan (as she points to him)..." Sometimes she goes straight to pointing out Brennan. That is a diversion tactic. If she doesn't want the attention on herself, she'll point out Brennan. She used to do this with her shoes by saying "Look, I have shoes." This was before Brennan entered the world.

The second reason she does this is because she is used to her daddy introducing us when we go to Cafe Chi Alpha, or Chi Alpha International, or to a church. If Lee is already at the cafe, he can be talking to someone when we get there, and she'll run up to him. He'll pick her up and then introduce us by saying, "This is my wife Bri, and this is Bella, and this is Brennan." She's heard that a lot because we're always meeting new people!!

I'm happy that she is such a friendly girl, especially towards kids. She's shy around adults still, but she loves to play with kids whenever she can. And, when around adults (yes, we do consider college students to be adults), she is ok with introducing herself and her brother.

It's very interesting watching them grow up as a part of Chi Alpha. This is how she is when she's 2...There's no telling how she'll be a year from now...Brennan too. I don't think he's going to be as shy as her. It's a fun time for us...and for the students too!