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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baptisms in the School Pool

A week ago, Lee as the men's discipleship pastor, and Kelsey, the women's discipleship pastor, baptized 9 students in the swimming pool at the Aquatic Center at Bourgeios hall. After our weekly Thursday Night Live (TNL) worship meeting, everyone headed over to the pool to see this take place at the end of the semester. There were 9 students who made the decision to follow Christ in obedience and take their relationship with Him a step further!!

This was Lee's first time ever to baptize anyone as a minister. I'm so proud...there are tears in my eyes as I type this.
I know he did a wonderful job.
I know that it meant a lot to him because some of the 5 guys who were baptized will be in leadership next year.

When a student gets in the water, he or she has a chance to explain why he/she has chosen to be baptized. They get to say that they have made a decision to follow Jesus and are following Him in obedience by being baptized and making a public proclamation of faith.

Then, each person getting baptized is prayed for by his or her life group leader. This is a very special moment...hearing those prayers, and this has been another proud moment of mine.

It's so neat for Lee to see someone who he is discipling who is discipling someone else knowing that next year, both of those guys will continue being discipled and then potentially disciple someone else. Amazing. That's how Chi Alpha grows...that's how the Kingdom of God grows.

*I have to say thanks to the photographers Heather P. and Lindsay C. for taking such great pictures.

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