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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tony's Story...

It is Thankful Thursday again...and we're so thankful for Tony Jones!!

Tony Jones is one of our Chi Alpha students who will be graduating in a few weeks. Tony holds a very special place in the hearts of the Blakney family. He's originally from the Westbank of New Orleans - he graduated in the same class as my niece, Chelsey, from Belle Chasse High School. He has family from my hometown of Buras. I didn't know him back then, though. And today he's not the same person as he was at that time.
He came to college at UL, and seriously wanted nothing to do with God. He liked the things of this world.

He was invited regularly by Tyren to a Life Group (small group Bible study that meets in the dorms), and he regularly turned that invitation down. Tyren kept inviting, and eventually Tony accepted the invitation. That semester, Tony received Christ as his Savior and was water baptized as an outward way to show his commitment to following Jesus.

Tony is a story of redemption. He left the things of the world and has followed Christ wholeheartedly. He has also become an amazing discipler. He leads other men to the cross where they find Jesus. He pours his heart and his soul into the men he disciples. Tony, who wanted nothing to do with religion 4 years ago, now has a deep relationship with Jesus, and is called to be in the ministry.

We are so proud of Tony. We know that he loves us too...all of us, not just Lee. :) Not too long ago, he wrote this on Lee's facebook wall:

I appreciate you big daddy and all you do. I thank God that you sought his will in becoming a Campus Pastor and nothing you do goes unnoticed, and you can see the fruit from your love for college students and the men's leadership. You are always showing each and every one of us how to be a man and more importantly a Man of God just by simply living your life. Thanks for your wisdom, and I pray you continue to seek God for more to be able to pass on to others. I love you, man and do NOT stop doing what you are doing for God and UL Chi Alpha.

Tony is graduating this May, and he will continue to be at UL this fall to complete the Campus Missionary In Training internship like Lee and I did 4 years ago. He is going to do an amazing job. We cannot say enough how proud we are of him.

Thank you, support team members. Your prayers and financial sacrifices are helping us reach more students like Tony.

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