Lee and I work with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul Train

We have a very diverse group at UL Chi Alpha. It's great seeing such a wide variety of colors, ages, and backgrounds be a part of one group making a difference on our campus together.

One of the ways that we celebrate this diversity is through having our "Soul Train Awards." The students do an excellent job of putting this production together. There's live music, live performances, presenters, videos...It's a lot.
Lee got to do a lot for this year's "Soul Train Awards." He made the whole video presentation, put together the recordings, the music tracks, and taught the house band the music. He definitely enjoyed himself.

The kids and I enjoyed it too. It also felt great being at the cafe for an event (we've been home a lot because the babies have been sick). You can't have the "Soul Train Awards" without having a dance party afterwards. This group loves to dance!!! Bella had the best time running around and dancing with her friends. On Saturday (the next day) she was even singing some of the songs that she had heard the night before.

I love it that my kids are going to grow up with diversity as a part of their lives.
In this picture, Bella went to get in the picture with some of the performers of the night. :) It's not even going to be an issue for them...the only issue will be with people who are not open to it. They h
ave met students of all kids of colors...and they love these students...and these students love our kids. It's an awesome experience for us and for them.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Help Wanted

One of our international students is looking for a job. He has a master's degree in petroleum engineering. He's really open to working anywhere doing anything right now...just one of those times where any income is needed.

It feels really good to be able to help out an international student in this way. We've known Rasta for 3 years now. He's changed so much since we've met him. He has always been a fun guy to be around, but there is a new sensitivity to him now. We love him, and I know that he trusts us. When I told him that I was praying for him to get a job, and that I had my dad praying for him (because my dad has a supernatural faith for jobs!), he sent me this:

"I really really appreciate it. You do care as well as a nice sister would. Thank you. Let me know about any opportunity. if a real job, I will make an appropriate resume for and if temporary job, I am ready no matter what. Thank you again."

I may not be at every event that UL Chi Alpha does. I may not be at the cafe to hang out with the students very often. But I still love helping the students when I can. Whether it is a student who has grown up in church who is getting connected with our Chi Alpha or another one in the state, or an international student who needs a job and is also searching for the truth, I get to help them in the journey that they are on!

PS. You can contact me if you know of any job openings, and I'll get him in touch with you!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


A year ago for Christmas, UL Chi Alpha blessed Lee with an awesome Christmas gift...a MacBook Pro. Such an amazing computer!! Our director, Eric Treuil, personally delivered it to our little apartment so that Lee could start playing with it.

It has been a great tool for Lee. He's written and recorded songs using it. Now, his newest thing is making and editing videos. He's really good at it. He made this video, When, for the new speaking series for our Thursday Night Live weekly worship meetings. I have to say that when I saw this, I was moved to tears. It is very compelling.

I'm really glad that Lee is being able to develop this talent and passion. He's done some funny videos, and serious ones too. He's just got a knack for it. I'm thrilled that he's getting to do one more thing that he loves.